Before beginning the installation, please make sure that you have finished downloading the installer from the Wolfram User Portal. If you are installing from a USB device, locate the SystemModeler installer on your computer after inserting the USB.

  1. Quit any Wolfram products that you may have running.
  2. Double-click the .dmg SystemModeler installer file. Your computer then runs a check to verify that the file downloaded correctly.

    After verifying the integrity of the installer file, the main installer window appears.

  3. To install, click and drag the SystemModeler icon to the Applications folder in the dialog. The installer starts copying SystemModeler onto your computer.

    To install SystemModeler in a location other than your Applications folder, click and drag the icon to the desired folder.

Once the installer has finished copying the files, SystemModeler is finished installing. You can run SystemModeler from your Applications folder. Activate SystemModeler to start using it.