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How do I troubleshoot single sign-on (SSO) issues with my Wolfram product?

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If you obtained your Wolfram product from your own organization and the latter has an unlimited site license for it, you may be able to activate your product copy with your organization’s credentials using SSO.

In the process, your Wolfram product opens a new browser window so you can provide your organization’s credentials. Once you have been identified, the browser in return notifies your Wolfram product that you are eligible to activate it.

If you have signed in to Wolfram webpages with credentials different from your organization’s credentials, you will be given the option to sign out and switch to using your organization’s credentials.

If the browser window does not open, you can instead copy the explicit activation page URL into your browser. If on the other hand the browser cannot contact your Wolfram product, supplying the latter manually with a verification code will address this problem.

If you have signed in through your browser with credentials different from your organization

If you are already signed into Wolfram webpages using credentials different from your organization, the browser opened from the activation window will show sign in successful, but your Wolfram product will not be activated.

In order to activate Wolfram Product using your organization’s credentials, you need to be signed out of all Wolfram webpages.

  1. Click the Sign out link.
  2. Close the browser window and restart the activation process in your Wolfram product using your organization’s credentials.

If the browser does not open

  1. Go to the Wolfram product’s Activation dialog.
  2. Click “Browser didn’t open?”.
  3. Copy the displayed URL from the activation dialog and paste it into your browser.
  4. Continue with the sign-in process.

If the browser cannot connect to your Wolfram product

An error message including a verification code is displayed in the browser.

  1. Copy the verification code.
  2. Return to your Wolfram product’s Activation dialog.
  3. Click “Activation not starting?”.
  4. Paste the verification code into the input field and click “Continue” to complete the activation process.
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