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How can I start using Chat Notebooks in Wolfram desktop products?

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To use Chat Notebooks or other LLM-related functionality in Wolfram products, you need to:

  • Create an account with a supported chat & generative model service provider,
  • Provide your payment information to the service provider, typically,
  • Generate an API key on the service provider’s platform and
  • Save this API key to your Wolfram product.

Please note that service providers charge for each API call made by chatbooks and LLM-related functionality.

Creating an account with a supported chat & generative model service provider

  1. Go to the service provider’s website, such as:

  2. Click Sign up.
  3. Follow any indicated steps to create your account.

Setting up your payment information

Chat & generative model service providers may require you to provide them with your billing information. In this section, we demonstrate typical steps using the example of OpenAI.

Note that OpenAI or other service providers may modify their billing processes and policies at any time.

Currently, new OpenAI accounts have $5 worth of free tokens that expire three months after your account creation. Once all your free tokens have been used or expired, you will then have to start a payment plan.

  1. Go to OpenAI’s billing page.
  2. Click “Start payment plan”.
  3. Choose if you’re an individual or working on behalf of a company.
  4. Enter your credit card information and complete the steps on OpenAI’s page.

    Your credit card will now be listed in your Payment methods section.

Note that it may take up to an hour for your payment information to propagate through OpenAI’s systems.

Note that by default, OpenAI limits your spending to $120 per month. You can request an increase in the Billing ► Usage limits tab of your OpenAI account.

Adding a service provider API key to your Wolfram desktop product

  1. Select the menu item File ► New ► Chat-Enabled Notebook to start a chat-enabled notebook.
    If the New menu does not contain this option, evaluate the following in a standard notebook:

    PacletInstall["WolframChatbookInstaller", UpdatePacletSites -> True]
    The above command is available for 13.3 or later.

    “Chat-Enabled Notebook” will now appear in File ► New.

  2. Go to Mathematica Preferences.
  3. Click AI Settings ► Services.
  4. Click “Connect” for the service you would like to use. The WolframConnector dialog appears.
  5. Click the red “Go to <service provider>” button, where <service provider> is the service provider you selected.
  6. In your service account, create a new API key.
  7. Copy the new API key and paste it into the API Key field in the WolframConnector dialog. Choose “Save this Connection” if you would like to reuse this key in the future.
  8. Click “Agree and Continue”.

The connection to your selected service provider is set up now.

To enter a different API key for the same or a different service provider, repeat steps 2 to 8.

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