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What are the minimum requirements for using CUDALink in Wolfram Language?

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Please note that CUDALink and GPU training of neural networks are separate features with separate requirements. If you are looking for the GPU training of neural network requirements, please consult the appropriate article.

To use CUDALink in the Wolfram Language, the NVIDIA GPU in your machine has to be compatible with a supported CUDA Toolkit version, and the NVIDIA driver has to be up to date.

Starting with Wolfram Language 12.2, the appropriate CUDA toolkit version for CUDALink must be downloaded from NVIDIA and installed separately. CUDALink is no longer supported on macOS starting with this Wolfram version, as Apple dropped macOS support of CUDA.

Wolfram Language Version CUDA Toolkit Version NVIDIA Driver Version Compute Capability
Linux Windows macOS
14.0 12.0 525.60.13 527.41 N/A 5.2
13.3 12.0 525.60.13 527.41 N/A 5.2
13.2 11.8 520.61.05 522.06 N/A 5.2
13.1 11.5 495.29.05 496.04 N/A 5.2
13.0 11.2 460.27.03 460.82 N/A 5.2
12.3 11.2 460.27.03 460.82 N/A 5.2
12.2 11.1 455.23 456.38 N/A 5.2

For earlier versions of the Wolfram Language, the CUDA toolkit is installed as part of the CUDAResources paclet.

For more compatibility information, please see NVIDIA’s CUDA compatibility documentation.

In case of any inconsistency with their information, please contact NVIDIA.

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